The Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility (AACR) seeks to educate and encourage individuals, institutions, organizations, and businesses to advance the commonweal (the public good) through acts of civic responsibility. The challenge before us is to engage all peoples and groups from all sectors of life in the United States of America.

US People

AACR is an inclusive association of US citizens, non-citizen American residents, various associations, non-profit organizations, forums, clubs, foundations, ethnic and cultural associations, educational institutions, business corporations and firms, and professional and trade groups, from the smallest to the largest in the United States.

"Civic Responsibilities" include duties, services, and obligations to all fellow members of the society derived from the precious gift of US citizenship or from the privilege of living, learning, working, or doing business in the United States. The US Constitution and the rule of law in America encode the fundamental concepts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Rooted in this historic gift, AACR encourages individuals and groups to preserve their cultural, ethnic, and religious values, pursue social needs, economic well-being, and protect the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution through voluntary initiatives, social involvement, and community service with full commitment.